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Monday, April 24, 2006

Dog Obedience Traning basic Commands.

"Heel" to walk on a loose leash 
  Respond to "No!"
  Respond to "Release"

One reason for doing obedience training is to establish a foundation from which you and your dog can learn to effectively relate to one another. The first thing obedience training does is to create a common language for you and your dog. This, in turn, lets your dog know the proper response (behavior) that you expect in place of socially maladaptive behavior.

The obedience trained dog can respond properly to your commands, instead of neurotically trying to please and becoming ever more anxious with your displeasure. This dog acknowledges the people in the family as the leaders and becomes more secure and calm in this bond of love and authority.

Obedience training can be used to help fulfill some of your dog's basic needs, such as exercise, the security of knowing what's expected, a feeling of accomplishment, and constructive social interaction. Obedience training will give your pet a job to do and can be useful in redirecting some of the mental energy of an animal that was meant for work.



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